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August 30, 2023
Glasgow Day Surgery Centre

Visiting Us - The Glasgow Day Surgery Centre

The Glasgow Day Surgery Centre is Scotland’s premier location for day case surgery in a modern clean environment.

State of the Art Centre

The facility is a state of the art centre for day surgery general anaesthetic procedures. Our consulting rooms have a clean modern look with WiFi and wired network connectivity. Our treatment rooms are used for consulting, out patient wound and dressing care, 3D VECTRA imaging and out patient treatments such as injectable treatments, lasers and minor interventional procedures.

Our general anaesthetic theatre is a large out patient theatre suitable for day case surgery in ASA I and II patients, for procedures less than three hours’ duration. The air changes 25 times per hour and in each room in the theatre complex has an air pressure sensor which ensures that filtered and clean air enters the operating theatre from the state of the art air handling unit and exits to the exhaust system. The theatre is clean enough for implant based surgery. We have a two bedded post op patient care and recovery bay, four patient rooms, a second stage recovery area and a well equipped theatre staff room.

Scotland’s premier location for day case surgery.
Conveniently located in Glasgow City Centre
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