Conditions Treated / Prices

Conditions Treated

Breast Hypolasia, Atrophy or Small Breasts

Usually treated with breast enlargement with implants or fat grafting.

Breast Ptosis or Sagging

Usually treated by mastopexy with or without implants or sometimes just implants.

Gigantomastia or Large Breasts

Usually treated with breast reduction.

Breast Aysymmetry

Can be treated with surgery to enlarge the smaller breast, reduce the larger breast or a combination of both.

Gynaecomastia  / Male Breast Tissue

Can be treated with one or more of the following surgery to remove the excess breast tissue, liposuction for excess fat, nipple reduction and areola reduction.

Excess Fat Removal

Usually treated with liposuction but may also require a procedure to remove excess skin such as abdominoplasty.

Prominent Ears

Treated with pinnaplasty or otoplasty.

Split, Stretched or Torn Earlobes

Earlobe repair can be carried out for a variety of different problems caused by earrings, piercings or injuries.

Excess Eyelid Skin & Fat Removal

Treated with upper and/or lower blepharoplasty.

Abnormally Shaped Noses

The cartilage, bone and or skin of the nose can be reshaped either because you are unhappy with the shape or following injury.

Excess Skin or Fat on the Face or Neck

Skin excess can be treated by surgery to tighten the skin with a facelift or neck lift. Fat excess can be treated with liposuction. These procedures are often combined.


Initial consultation for cosmetic procedures £50.

Indicative Prices

These are only applicable for procedures carried out at Glasgow Day Surgery Centre .


Breast Augmentation

from £4,725.00

Breast Reduction

from £6,215.00

Breast Uplift

from £5,625.00

Gynaecomastia Removal 

from £3,715.00

Inverted Nipple Correction
(1 side)

from £2,415.00


Abdominoplasty - Full

from £5,975.00

Abdominoplasty - Mini

from £3,865.00

Liposuction - 1 Area

from £3,405.00


Blepharoplasty Upper

from £3,225.00

Blepharoplasty Upper & Lower

from £4,340.00


from £5,650.00

Prominent Ear Correction

from £2,345.00


from £5,385.00

N.B. Prices for surgery cannot be determined exactly until you have had your consultation with a surgeon. This is because the complexity, time and risks of surgery can vary significantly from patient to patient for treatment of the same condition. Surgeons are also able to set their own fees.

Prices for treatment carried out at BMI Kings Park Hospital in Stirling including fixed price deals can be obtained from the BMI pricing team at  or by using the online form > Price Enquiry Form


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Quick Facts - Breast Augmentation

You may consider breast augmentation due to uneven breasts or the size and shape of your breasts.

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